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Do you know of a problem related to COVID-19 that isn't being heard in the news? Share it with us and help be a part of the solution. Click "Share a Problem" button below to get started.

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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

What problems related to COVID-19 are you seeing on the ground that aren't being heard about in the news? How can we potentially solve them? Our promise to you: we will elevate problems to a team of innovators who will help design solutions. Thank you for speaking out and doing your part.

What We're Hearing

COVID and In-Person Voting

Web Submission

COVID creates a few issues surrounding in-person voting. First, it makes voting unsafe due to the close proximity of ...)

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Applying to Vote By Mail During ...

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As of July, 20, 2020, 17 states require voters to submit their absentee application in person or by mail. These state...)

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Voter Safety: Absentee & Vote-by...

Web Submission

The United States has an infamously disjointed election system with each state, county, and even sometimes individual...)

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Technology help needed


Adults who are unfamiliar with, or lack access to, technology are not able to connect with many safety net and suppor...)

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