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Do you know of a problem related to COVID-19 that isn't being heard in the news? Share it with us and help be a part of the solution. Click "Share a Problem" button below to get started.

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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

What problems related to COVID-19 are you seeing on the ground that aren't being heard about in the news? How can we potentially solve them? Our promise to you: we will elevate problems to a team of innovators who will help design solutions. Thank you for speaking out and doing your part.

What We're Hearing

Dreamers cannot get legal support

Jonathan Petts

Immigrant communities of color have been particularly hard-hit by Covid-19 because these immigrants often have low-pa...)

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 1

Capabilities of Nonprofit Sector

Anne Wilson

I am very concerned about the capabilities and sustainability of critical non-profits in light of increasing demands ...)

Net Votes: 3 Number of Comments: 1

School Aged Children without Meals

Jessica Day

Lots of children get their most foundational meals in the classroom. This is one of the major failings of distance le...)

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 1

Safety for undocumented individuals

Erkeisha Terry

Although this is a huge issue in the U.S, how do we support undocumented workers during this time? Many are on the fr...)

Net Votes: 2 Number of Comments: 0