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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Económico y psicológico

.Google Translation:
"You cannot work in essential places where you do not know in what working conditions we work. Fast food! Psychologically, you are afraid of infecting yourself and your family members for a minimum wage. The government tells you to stay home and the EDD denies you aid if you make more than $ 100 per week. As if your expenses were $ 400 per week. President Trump's executive law is ridiculous and inhumane.... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems


I sneeze wearing masks that touch my nose. Anything that rubs lightly against the tip or sits hard on the bridge makes my nose run and I sneeze. Other than having to wear contacts instead of glasses or having to buy big sunglasses, that avoid mostly sitting on your nose bridge, this has never been an issue in my life.

I would like to think that people would be accommodating to those wearing no mask (or mask alternatives)... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Residential Eviction in Pennsylvania. Selected trending idea

Sadly Some Landlords Are Not Cooperating With Tenants And/Or The Federal Government To Maintain Their Current Residency While Ensuring Payment To Do So.Some People Are Genuinely Attempting To Rectify An Unfortunate Balance Owed Due To Lack Of Funds While Quarentined And Not Generating Enough Income Leaving Familys Completly Displaced With Nowhere To Go At One Of Our Countries Most Difficult Times! This Is Is Unfortunate... more »


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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Homeless trending idea

Me my family lost everything due cov-19 my job my place now homelessness in motel I don't have any transportation look work and I don't have enough benfits cover my motel it's me my son he's 14 I want work have no way look for work application for work mostly have be put onlline I can do it on my phone me my family need help find resources help room help find work please any help due my son needs clothes we just need... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Mom in urgent need of financial help and ride or a vehicle problem trending idea

I'm a mom who needs financial help with keeping our motel room or putting a down payment on a place to rent cuz we've lost everything due to Corona 19 Corona virus our jobs our home our vehicles everything. So we have no way to get to her daughter who is in Birmingham Alabama and having major issues with the people she is staying with and she needs to come home and I have no family or friends to help us so we need to... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Not enough trending idea

There's simply not enough being done to support our children and family structure during this pandemic. More should and need to be done to support our school age children, especially those who have academic challenges. It's understood that this is a valid concern but little is actually being done to bridge gaps. More needs to be done in supporting family structure. The expectations throughout this pandemic, has been unrealistic... more »