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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Residential Eviction in Pennsylvania. Selected

Sadly Some Landlords Are Not Cooperating With Tenants And/Or The Federal Government To Maintain Their Current Residency While Ensuring Payment To Do So.Some People Are Genuinely Attempting To Rectify An Unfortunate Balance Owed Due To Lack Of Funds While Quarentined And Not Generating Enough Income Leaving Familys Completly Displaced With Nowhere To Go At One Of Our Countries Most Difficult Times! This Is Is Unfortunate... more »


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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

About to lose Everything

i was released from my job at the end of July filed unemployment the same day. keep calling, emailing going to work force office for what? my landlord served me eviction papers here i am September 20 and no one will answer or pay me. i have 5 kids and one is a type one diabetic. i am about to lose my car next. i have never in my life been jobless and there is no hope one answers