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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

People without computers cannot order food online Selected

I work at HyVee in the online shopping department. We have received many calls from seniors wanting to place an order for groceries over the phone. Our company only takes orders placed online. I hate telling people I can't help them get their food and that I do not know of anyone who can. Sometimes I even get it myself after work. I have looked into starting a business just to take phone orders but found that the task... more »


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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Technology help needed

Adults who are unfamiliar with, or lack access to, technology are not able to connect with many safety net and supportive services. Many individuals are motivated to learn, but cannot connect with help, because they do not know how to engage with computers, or lack access to the internet.

Individuals with vision impairment cannot connect with resources via technology, as their in-person help is limited due to pandemic... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Back to School - Family Support trending idea

School district plans for back to school can be very complex and will change as situations develop in our communities. Support is needed for families who do not speak English as a first language, to ensure they can read plans and ask questions in their native language. Especially those who have school-aged children can experience significant challenges in working during the day when school plans include hybrid or distance... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Work Force

Very hard to find people who want to caregivers?aides?attendants for people with disabilities. This service is reimbursed through Medicaid. That limits what we can pay. With an increase of minimum wage headed our way and no state funding increases these services is in jeopardy.

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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

People Seeking Help for Alcohol and Drug Addiction trending idea

Lock-down and self-isolation has led to a steep increase in people using alcohol and drugs. The increased gun violence has a connection to the drug and alcohol problem. Patients in need of help have no resources. Sadly, many treatment centers and clinics treating patients have cut down their services and/or patients are hard-pressed to reach the few clinics providing treatment.

We are seeing increased incidence of drug... more »
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COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Childcare for low income families esp. emerging english learners trending idea

The pandemic has heightened demand and reduced availability of affordable local childcare options. Barriers: cost, more limited opening hours, lack of transportation, lack of support to apply for state voucher support (in MA) by traditional school Extended Day program, unclear where there is local availability.