COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems


Tell Us About a Problem :

I sneeze wearing masks that touch my nose. Anything that rubs lightly against the tip or sits hard on the bridge makes my nose run and I sneeze. Other than having to wear contacts instead of glasses or having to buy big sunglasses, that avoid mostly sitting on your nose bridge, this has never been an issue in my life.

I would like to think that people would be accommodating to those wearing no mask (or mask alternatives) but they are not. They are rude, demeaning and humiliating every single chance they get. To make this crazy situation worse, I have antibodies and am actually immune. All of this invoked hatred, fear and discrimination for nothing.

I would like somewhere I can shop without fear. Online shopping as a complete alternative is a joke (try it for a month where you go NOWHERE in person and you will see) even if the added expense does not eat you up.

Why not have a store, or shopping hours, where people like myself can shop without being harassed or insulted. I don’t mind segregation, I am just worried about physical harm to my person. The mental harm is tremendous as well though, I must say.

Please, please accommodate us. We could have a store (or store hours) with self checkout and basically two immune employees with antibodies (don’t tell me the TWENTY BILLION spent on vaccines based on antibodies I have that they do not think antibodies work. Please.)

Please. I exist as a person.


Idea No. 79