COVID-19 Response: Invisible Problems

Nonprofits Continue to Face Fundraising Shortfalls & Setbacks

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The CoVid Pandemic continues to wreck the fundraising, event planning and fiscal goals for many nonprofits. However, nonprofits are continuing to experience increased needs from clients due to ongoing unemployment, uncertain school schedules, lack of food, lack of mental health support, lack of social connection, limited rental assistance and more.

Annual Gala's and local events(concerts, dinners, lunches, art and 5k events) to raise money for general revenue are important budgetary strategies to sustain short and long term goals for non profit agencies. Although there are opportunities to go "virtual" some agencies are not equipped with the experience, expertise or bandwidth to pull together a "virtual" event in a matter of weeks or even months. Even more, the platforms and databases needed for online experiences in relation to auctions or specific production can be expensive and time consuming. The financial opportunities related to CoVid are specific to programmatic outcomes and restrictions prohibit nonprofits to "plug" holes where the fundraisers, campaigns and events would of supported.

Less restrictive funding opportunities are warranted due to the ever changing CoVid environment. Nonprofits are feeling the struggle and advocacy efforts to support sustainability is critical.


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