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Mom in urgent need of financial help and ride or a vehicle problem

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I'm a mom who needs financial help with keeping our motel room or putting a down payment on a place to rent cuz we've lost everything due to Corona 19 Corona virus our jobs our home our vehicles everything. So we have no way to get to her daughter who is in Birmingham Alabama and having major issues with the people she is staying with and she needs to come home and I have no family or friends to help us so we need to find someone who can take us or a cheap vehicle or someone who can take us. We really could use a vehicle so if there's anyone that could or would like to bless a family with a ride whether it has a few minor issues or and it needs things there's somebody that that can do that that'd be awesome as far as anything else we have just my husband's just recently got a job and we walk everywhere so he has to walk home he has to walk to work and everything so it's it's important and you know now it's even urgent cuz we need to get our little girl home and as far as the financial with it's like I said at the beginning of this is to either keep our rooms in the motel or put a down payment on a home to rent especially with a little girl that's going to come home so thank you so much for reading this and taking your time and hope everybody that's out there stay safe and everything everyone is blessed with their situation.


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