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I need help to pay my MORGAGE because my son,Peter contracted the Coronavirus.!He was sick for 3 1/2 weeks, and I spent every bit of money to keep him alive.?My husband died 4 years ago-I had a heart attack in January 2020. The Coronavirus hit me home-my son had a fever of 99.8*****103.7****105.7!!! I slept on the floor, in his room to listen to him breath. Threw Tylenol and cold showers, his fever finally broke.!We had weekly nasal tests(for swabs) for the virus. Every week.My forbearance is up next month and I need to get my MORGAGE current so I can refinance my house. I can't loose my house, OR MY SON. I'm so stressed out. I'm a 63 year old,disabled, widowed woman asking for some help. My MORGAGE is 603.00 a month and this is my family house. You see, my folks lived in the house—.and I can't loose it. I've lived threw the floods in Ames,Iowa. Tornado that came threw Iowa-where we were without light for 1 1/2 weeks.We lost all the food in our refrigerator. Then the lights came back on and our refrigerator BROKE. So I need help. I'm floundering here. Thank you so much. Paula Miller 313 S Hazel ave..Ames,Ia. 50010 Answering machine 515-233-3037 leave a message.


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