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My son moved back into my house when the Coronavirus just started up. Then...he got sick. I took care of him and it took about a month of him-coughing-high fever..105.7 at the highest. Sleeping in my sons room- listening to him BREATHING IN WATER. It was terrible. I can't let him die!! My husband died 4 years ago-I'm not going to loose him too! I spent everything I had for food-medicine-washing clothing and my son. I was on a first name call in to the FIRST NURSE...nurse at the Emergency room. Dehydration was a problem. Leg cramps and vision —off goes Mom. Over to WalMart and stock up on cough meds—etc... I don't have ANY MONEY-and I'm in Forbearance. Next month I have to come up with money to pay this down-threw Quicken loans. And I charged up my credit cards 💳 to the max and can't pay on them. The desgano wind disaster-came threw. 1 1/2 weeks of no lights,electricity..lost all my food. Refrigerator went down on Friday. Now I have 6 months of back house payments-no food-NO RUNNIMG REFIGERATOR to store it in/SONS ALIVE(yeah Mom) and no money to pay my MORGAGE. I need someone or some grant-..I NEED HELP! If you have any suggestions on how to keep my life going forward-please help me. Paula Miller. 313 S Hazel ave. Ames,IA. 5152333037 landline.LEAVE A MESSAGE. Help


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